Let’s pretend that worms eating electric tape is a matter worthy of discussion and debate, because it is. If we spend hours and countless calories debating whether humans should eat animals or not, so why not discuss matters of worms? Are we, humans, more important than other animals? No. Is electric tape alive or not? Who knows! Who knows if this question is as important as the questions that we spend our lives thinking about? For all we know, worms and electric tapes might be the species that truly matter in this world. We don’t know for sure that it is us who matter, and therefore how can we decide that only humans matters are matters that matter?

So, we’ve established that this matter is worthy of discussion, and possible hundreds of wars and blood shed if necessary. My stance on this important matter is: yes. Worms can -and should- eat electric tape if they so wish. Why, you ask? And I ask back: why not? Worms are important and they need to eat. If they want to eat electric tape, who do we think we are to stop them? We are something, but we are not necessarily the absolute thing. It maybe the case that worms are the thing. Think about it. Worms are quiet. They chill in the Mother Earth more than any of us ever will. They help other creatures out of niceness and common worm decency. Also, I have never seen a worm do an evil act. Never. Humans definitely do, and that is okay. It’s because sometimes we suck. But worms? Please let me know if you know of any worm that ever did any evil. Until then, worms, as we usually say, are innocent until proven guilty.

Electric tapes are also cool creatures. They are pretty quiet and come in all colors. We have never seen them spread gossip or hurt each other’s feelings, whether they mean it or not. The question that matters here is: if electric tapes are cool creatures, is it then okay for worms (or humans) to eat them? Yes. Eating electric tape is good.

What is good? Well I don’t know. I don’t even know what humans are. What does it truly mean to be human? I don’t know. Until we can answer that question, we cannot even begin to think we can make rules about the lives of worms or electric tape. How can we, when we don’t even know what, or who, we are?

In conclusion, life is great and pretty awesome, wonderful, and a fun activity to do on a daily basis. We don’t necessarily need to answer the ultimate question of worms and electric tapes, and we are also not qualified to. We should just chill and let worms do what they want to do. They know better for themselves. Thanks.

pǝsɐq ʎɐʇS