Hi! I am Ahmed. Welcome to my blog. I write about whatever comes to mind and I think I have something useful to say about.

I am graduating soon and am looking for an academic lab to join for PhD.


  • Python ❤️, the most amazing, elegant, and time-efficient programming language ever made. Ask me about my favorite PyCon talk.
  • Computers
  • Anything that has to do with computing
  • Scientific research (bonus if it’s about biomedical engineering)
  • Data analysis
  • Automation (there is nothing more satisfying than automating a boring task)
  • Enterpreneurship and business
  • Management and leadership
  • Video games: League and Minecraft

If you share any of those interests (or would like to learn about any of them), I would love to connect with you! Add me on LinkedIn and, if you’re in the Boston area, let’s go for coffee!

That’s it. My email address is ahmedehabg[at]gmail[dot]com